House of Spirits Blog #1

What’s up it’s ya boy Andrew coming at cha with another blog post. That’s right, Im back! The House of the Spirits is fantastic, it shows us, the readers a perspective of suffrage, poor vs. wealth, and power/corruption. These are just an handful of the themes throughout the start of the book. What has grasped my attention the most is how much money and power corrupted Esteban’s good nature so to speak. This is such a relatable thing in today’s society because everything now-a-days is about getting rich. I say to hell with that, money doesn’t buy you happiness, if it does, its merely temporary. Back to Esteban, the wealth corrupts the good, kind-hearted intentions he had for Rosa before she died. The book really shows us the power struggle he has which leads him to his crude actions towards others. In chapter 3 page 107, the text states, “Clara’s impudent and nonchalant sensuality was also not enough for him. He wanted far more than her body; he wanted control over that undefined and luminous material that lay within her and escaped him even in those moments when she appeared to be dying of pleasure. His hands felt very heavy, his feet very big, his voice very hard, his beard very scratchy, and his habits of rape and whoring very deeply ingrained, but even if he had to turn himself inside out like a glove, he was prepared to do everything in his power to seduce her.” (pg. 107-108). This shows us how much he has changed, from his habits to his personality, a good man turned rotten. He lets his desires control his thoughts and actions and becomes greedy. However, I believe that the “good” Esteban is in him at heart and we see this partially through the next chapter. All in all we are exposed to the reality of the desires of the world that all of us face in everyday life. While these desires may not be similar to Esteban’s (because he is in some deep sh*t if I may say), not to be cliche, but money is the root of all evil. Thanks for tuning in. 🙂


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