Blog Post #3

House of the Spirits has the the bomb, what a crazy ass book with some deep meanings and themes. Yeah what a crappy way to start a blog, I can see a ton of ridicule saying do this and that. My response is thank you for your input it is greatly appreciated. Now that is out out of the way let’s begin. Comparing the Lady in the Attic and House of Spirits, women are really oppressed, which is really f*cked up. Yeah I said it, a lot of ridiculous things occur in these two works. The woman in Woman in the Attic is trying to get way from an exlover and the in other one the book, the lover is trying to get close to the sister of his deceased lover. Something that really sat with me was how women are viewed as almost crazy when in reality they are what keeps society going. Men need women in their lives but we are too damn stupid to realize that they’re so important to us. We need women in our lives. No wonder Ivan was a baller, he wanted more and more women but for the wrong purpose. You know what they say ball hard fall hard. I swear I just made that up. Although it’s probably on the internet somewhere. I thoroughly enjoyed the film cause it helps me learn more Spanish and it was also interesting. Jokes aside although I actually am learning new Spanish words including the bad ones (Thanks Patrick) it gives me a new piece of culture that I didn’t previously have. Both the book and film helped me realize that women are a necessity to us and that we don’t give them as much praise as they deserve, we can learn a lot form books and people. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. 🙂


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